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Terra Caesarea – An exclusive events venue in the Sharon Region

The exclusive Terra Caesarea events venue is located in Caesarea’s northern business park complex. Its central location in the country makes it conveniently accessible from anywhere in Israel, which is only one of the reasons why it is an ideal place to host an event.

A Caesarea wedding within reach

Terra Caesarea is particularly beautiful by virtue of its location in the unique and exclusive area of Caesarea, near the Roman city antiquities park. The location requires that special attention be paid to how the events venue and its surroundings are planned and designed. The building in the middle of the complex is 1150 square meters and is an architectural gemmade of wood and glass. It was built using the most innovative construction methods that are ahead of their time in Israel. The spacious surrounding gardens are impeccably landscaped and manicured, planned according to Feng Shui principles. The end result is an incredibleexclusive complex.

Needless to say, the venue boasts only state of the art equipment:

The incredible lighting, the sophisticated sound system, the gigantic LED screens, a spacious (200 square meter) kitchen fitted with the best equipment and appliances, a royal suite for the family members comparable to an exclusive hotel suite with a separate entrance and a walk-out to a private garden, a Jacuzzi and LCD screens.

The events venue works in collaboration with the most exclusive catering companies. The Terra Caesarea staff will give you personal attention and tend to any ideas or requests in an attempt to help make any dream come true.

Our primary goal is to give your event the attention and respect it deserves.