About TERRA Caesarea

Celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime event at TERRA-Caesarea, a luxurious compound located near the Roman City’s antiquities park. Our event garden and hall compound is a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary, with a flowing Feng Shui design.
The main hall is a spacious and magnificent glass and wood pavilion, with cutting-edge technological features. The main building is surrounded by a spectacular 4-acre garden with countless little alcoves, ponds and gazebos.
Having organized thousands of happy events with experience, expertise and a true love and understanding of indulgent luxury, we at TERRA are committed to dazzle and push the envelope in many more to come.

TERRA’s flavor

At TERRA we are committed to the highest standards and strive to provide the perfect culinary experience. We have invested heavily in a modern kitchen and are equipped with our house chef, who makes the dishes from the finest raw materials. We use the kitchen concept method, which allows us to place emphasis on each dish and to give personal attention to each guest.

Friday noon

We are especially excited about our Friday noon weddings. With the sun shining above, it is the best time of the day to really enjoy the sights, the colors and the smells. A daylight wedding ceremony, including wine and cocktails under the gazebo, a mouth-watering lunch in the glass walled dining hall and a choice of soothing music or bouncy dance party – what a great way to start-off your weekend!
If you are looking for something different and unique, talk to us about TERRA’s noontime events.

Business functions

Whether you are planning a formal cocktail, a dinner party or an un-buttoned get-together for your staff and employees, TERRA is the place for you, and TERRA’s dedicated team is there to help.
In the splendid garden and wooden pavilion setting, with a state-of-the-art audio-visual system, a fully equipped bar and kitchen and our extraordinary team, you can hold any kind of business related gathering.

HaHarash St 19, Caesarea, 38900